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Window Tinting Services In West Sussex

West Sussex Window Tinting Experts.

Based in our state-of-the-art studio in Chichester, West Sussex, we provide window tinting services for all makes and models of vehicles.

Whether you want a full vehicle tint or just the rear half tinted, we offer a variety of shades to suit your requirements. 

Why Tint Your windows?

Tinting windows is not just an aesthetic enhancement; it also provides many long-lasting functional benefits to protect you and your vehicle.

Improve The Look

Installing window tints to your vehicle can improve the standard factory look of your vehicle.

Block UV Rays

Not only will window tints keep your car cool, but it also helps to block UV rays that can damage and fade fabrics and plastics and cause deterioration.

Reduce Glare

Sun in your eyes while driving is a common issue, especially in the summer months. Window tints will reduce glare and improve vision on the roads.

Increase Security

Window tints can help hide valuables that are mistakenly left in your vehicle, helping to deter theft.

Window Tinting Prices

Small Car
e.g. Mini

Rear Section

From £190 +VAT

e.g. Golf

Rear Section

From £220 +VAT

e.g. Tesla

Rear Section

from £240 +VAT

e.g. BMW X5

Rear Section

from £260 +VAT

Small Van

Rear Window

£100 +VAT

Large Van

Rear Window

£110 +VAT



£85 +VAT

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