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Window Tinting

Fantastic, professional service with life-time guarantee. There are many benefits to having your windows darkened and you can be sure the best tints will be applied using the best techniques! Each side can be darkened to a different opacity so that your level of window tinting will work for you.

Example Prices

  • BMW M4 3 Door £180
  • VW Golf GTI 5 Door £220
  • Range Rover £250
  • T6 Transporter  £150
  • UV Protection against the fading of your upholstery
  • Security and privacy for you, your passengers and your personal belongings
  • Reduce glare and help combat driver fatigue by keeping the interior cool and shaded.
  • A thin film of window tinting will help stop the glass shatter in the event of an accident.
  • Accident Protection
  • Skin Protection

Residential & Commercial Tinting

Its not just vehicles. We also Tint Residential and commercial glass. Please contact us for more information on 01243 866555