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What We Do

Our Vehicle Wrapping Services

When it comes to car wrapping, Freshlayers can deliver both partial and full vehicle wraps that are always high quality and cost effective. We are experts in creating and designing custom car wraps for our customers throughout the UK

We never take shortcuts to create that paint-like finish you are looking for in a vehicle wrap. From our expert mechanics who disassemble panels, to our wrap experts who ensure every crevasse is covered, you are always in good hands.

We carry a fine selection of high quality vehicle wrap materials from the top brands in the industry. Whether you need a partial wrap or full wrap for your vehicle, we have just about every colour, design and style you can imagine. Our installations are second to none. We never cut corners or take shortcuts when it comes to installations. Partial wraps and full wraps have different benefits. Simply get in touch with us to learn which wrap is best for your vehicle.

Freshlayers specialize in delivering Premium high quality vehicle wraps with expert craftsmanship.

Gloss Wraps

We make old things new change the colour of your vehicle quickly and affordably with our gloss vehicle wrap range which has a large variety of gloss colours to choose from.
Car wraps are completely removable, meaning you can restore your car to its original colour or try out a different finish from our range whenever you like

Satin & Matte Wraps

Be a trend setter, If you’ve been out and about lately, you’ll know matte finish car wraps are back on trend. While a number of car manufacturers offer limited runs of matte paint options on new vehicles it is often at a considerable cost, so why paint when you can wrap with our large selection of matte finishes to choose from.

Colour Shift Wraps

Get the WOW Factor, We promise you wont be disappointed with our unique colour shift vehicle wrap films. While watching the colour change with the sun hitting the curves on your vehicle heads will be turning everywhere you go. We have over 20 colour shift effects availible in high gloss and matte finishes, This would cost £5000+ in a respray so get it at fraction of the cost

Chrome Wraps

Want to Add a little bling for the ultimate vehicle wrap. Then chrome is the answer with its high mirror gloss finish you will not be missed! Our vehicle wrap installers have mastered the skill needed to install chrome to your vehicle over the years of hard work and training as its install methods are far different from your normal vehicle wrap films.

Printed Wraps

Freshlayers can transform commercial vehicles into mobile billboards, that will promote company brand awareness wherever they are, So speak to us regarding a crazy printed vehicle wrap or a custom design using multiple colours of the shelf

Carbon Fibre Wrap

We are pleased to say that we use the most realistic carbon fibre wrap available on the market today. This can be used for something as small as wing mirrors right up to a full vehicle carbon wrap. Please visit us to view samples


New Paint like finish vehicle wrapping

Every year technology is evolving which in return creates new and possible opportunity’s for different industry’s.
So in 2020 we are happy to announce will be able to offer the next generation in the vehicle wrapping industry. This new film Inozetek is the latest in vehicle wrapping technology which significantly reduces high orange peel effect leaving your new vehicle wrapped in a super glossy paint like finish

for more information regarding our paint like finish vehicle wrapping service then please contact us or visit us and take a look at our samples we know you wont be disappointed


Next Generation Vehicle Wraps

Enhanced gloss & Clarity


Super Gloss Metallic Series

Inozetek’s Supergloss Metallic line is extremely durable and is ideal for long-term vehicle application with its super gloss paint like finish and eliminating bad orange peel effect

Super Gloss Series

Inozetek’s Supergloss line is extremely durable and is ideal for long-term vehicle application with its super gloss paint like finish and eliminating bad orange peel effect