Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction

Porsche Boxster GTS

Porsche Boxster GTS * Full Clean & Paint Correction * Ceramic Pro 9H to full exterior * Ceramic Pro Light top coat to full exterior  * Alloys Coated in Ceramic Pro 9H * Convertible Roof Treated with Ceramic Pro Textile

For Bookings please contact us on 01243 931932 Ceramic Pro protection: ✓ 9H hardness ✓ Superior gloss ✓ Permanent Adhesion ✓ Chemical Resistant ✓ Super Hydrophobic ✓ Self Cleaning effect ✓ Anti Graffiti ✓ Extreme heat resistance ✓ Minimize ageing ________________________________ Ceramic Pro® 9H can be applied by authorised applicators only. We are the Official Ceramic Pro installation centre in West Sussex UK
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    Jan, 2018