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Ceramic Pro is a series of revolutionary protective coatings that simultaneously protect and enhances the appearance of automotive paint and interior surfaces. Put very simple, it is THE MOST ADVANCED paint protection system in the world today, and represents the pinnacle of car care technology at the present time. Professional product line Ceramic Pro created a global technology leader – the company Nanoshine LTD (Taiwan).  At its core – unique ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics) forming a solid coating. Ceramic Pro ensures unmatched possibilities for preservation of surfaces of cars, sailboats, boats, aircrafts, construction and industrial objects, garments, accessories, etc. It guarantees an ideal appearance, protection and care of any surface.

  • Ceramic Pro is an up-to-day method of complex multifunctional protection
  • Ceramic Pro helps to preserve attractiveness and increase service life of goods
  • Ceramic Pro guarantees protection and care of any surface
  • Ceramic Pro means the modern standards of detailing and professional ethics

Ceramic Pro products has been officially tested and certified by “SGS”, the world’s leading testing, verification and certification company.

About Brooklyn

How Ceramic Pro can help you

9H Automotive

  • Permanent Protection
  • Scratch Resistance (Above 9H)
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Weather & UV Resistance
  • Thermal Resistance (up to 1200°C)
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance
  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant
  • High Gloss Finish

Wheel & Caliper

The surface on the wheel or rim gets so smooth that brake dust and other containments will not bond! Designed specifically to withstand extreme conditions, this permanent protective coating has advanced High Heat Resistant and Super Chemical Resistant properties to protect your wheels and brake calipers from damaging brake dust and fallout, not only will they be protected by 9H Hardness but the Hydrophobic and Anti-Graffiti properties of this advanced coating ensure they stay cleaner for longer, and are easier to clean!


Ceramic Pro Textile protection dramatically reduces the surface energy of textile or suede, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off whilst keeping the textile substrate completely dry.
The Leather coating also features a super hydrophobic effect so that any liquid spills will simply bead up on the surface and can be easily wiped away without affected the leather substrate. The UV Resistance of the coating will help reduce the ageing of the leather from UV damage and keep the leather soft whilst still keeping the factory look and feel.

Windscreen & Glass

Ceramic Pro Rain is a coating specifically designed for glass with excellent durability without affecting the motion of the front wiper blades, the super hydrophobic effect of the coating means water will simply bead up and run off the glass whilst you are driving. Ceramic Pro Rain lasting up to 12 months in automotive use and up to 5 years in glass building/construction applications. Unprotected glass can be a hazard in the rain as water can stick and sheet over the windows decreasing visibility and become a safety hazard, by having Ceramic Pro Rain on all windows this will increase visibility by repelling water and allowing it to bead up and roll straight off the glass, this will also keep the glass cleaner for longer as dirt and grime will no longer stick.

This is how Cermaic Pro has helped in other industry’s


  • Permanent protection
  • Self cleaning effects
  • Superior gloss and color depth


  • Increases speed and acceleration
  • Easy hull maintenance
  • Increases fuel economy


  • Protects from contaminates
  • Improves laminar flow
  • Reduces cleaning expenses


  • No more Stains
  • Kitchen Surface Protection
  • Shower Glass Protection

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